who we are

Nadora Iman is a woman owned hair accessory shop that encourages busy women to style their hair with hair accessories to alleviate the stress of having limited hair styling skills. Through subscription boxes and individual hair accessory selection, we are able to support other women owned small businesses in addition to creating our custom pieces! All items are carefully selected, thought out and high quality. 

about our brand

Shaking-up the hair accessories industry using an innovative business model that focuses on creating a community of like-minded women. Nadora Iman encourages women to embrace the liberating power of self-expression through accessory selections. We are committed to providing high quality and wearable pieces that will make you feel beautiful, confident and stylish! We find exclusive pieces which appeal to women who wish to stand out from the crowd.

Nadora Iman, aspires to be encouraging so that women become bold and live confidently in their own skin. Wearing hair accessories eliminates the stress of having limited hair styling skills and boost confidence so you feel like your best self!

the owner

Raquel was tired of not being able to find the hair accessories that she wanted to wear on a daily basis or ones that complimented her on the go personality. Over time she begin to realize wearing hair accessories and dressing up her looks through accessorizing, made her feel more confident. Raquel wanted to be able to share that same feeling with other women. That's how Nadora Iman was born in addition to my love for hair styling. 

  • our mission

    Provide women on the go with high quality and useful accessories that can save time and effort, without compromising style. We eliminate the stress of maintaining a chic appearance while traveling for modern women who love fashion and convenience.

  • our vision

    We want every woman with limited hairstyling skills to reimagine and redefine what that means with hair accessories. To be the go-to hair shop and accessory subscription box for every woman that thrives from convenience while feeling confident in their look!

Iman means faith while Nadora means beautiful gift - Powered by passion, brimming with inventive ideas & spearheaded by design, Nadora Iman strives to bring you the best.