our story

Where staple pieces meet self expression! Nadora Iman, a woman owned hair accessory experience that is empowering women to feel confident in their own skin and to showcase their personality and style through their choice of accessories. It's a lifestyle that values self-expression, creativity, and the celebration of individual beauty.

Created by Raquel Robertson whose middle name is Iman which means faith and Nadora being beautiful gifts, took a unique approach to hair accessory creation and selection. When hair accessories became a daily staple in her hair styling routine to express herself while working from home, she knew she wanted other women to have the same experience. That's how Nadora Iman was born. All items are carefully crafted, selected and high quality.

a note from the creator

"I was tired of not being able to showcase my style and creativity while working from home. I wanted to wear something on a daily basis that complimented my personality and style.

Amidst working in the beauty industry over the years I found that I enjoy helping women create beauty looks that helped them still look and feel like their selves while adding touches beauty that are unique to them. So, I wanted to be able to share that same feeling with more women who work from home and felt their self expression was limited through the screen. 

So let your hair do the talking and build a staple hair accessory collection that speaks volume even from home."

about our brand

Nadora Iman encourages women to embrace the power of self-expression through accessory selections. Through subscription boxes and individual hair accessory selection, when shopping with us you are in control of your elevation process. 

We are committed to providing high quality and comfortable pieces that will make you feel beautiful, confident and stylish! Making self-expression accessible and effortless for all women of different backgrounds and all ages.

our values

  • Creating staples that encourage self expression
  • Quality, longevity and comfortability is always our top priority
  • Building a community of like minded women through our subscription box, events and connection through our online presence
  • our mission

    Provide women with quality, stylish and comfortable hair accessories that can save time and allow for self expression, without compromising style.

  • our vision

    We want every woman with limited hairstyling skills to reimagine and redefine what that means with hair accessories. To be the go-to brand and hair accessory subscription box for every woman that thrives from self expression!

Iman means faith while Nadora means beautiful gift - Powered by passion, brimming with inventive ideas & spearheaded by design, Nadora Iman strives to bring you the best. 

**Anytime we have an excess of hair accessories, we will run a sale then donate overflow to a woman's shelter of our choice. Every woman deserves to feel beautiful no matter their circumstance**

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